Introducing LUNARIS, a new collective based in the realms of ritual dance.

The mission of LUNARIS is to physically manifest the workings of the soul and spirit through the art of dance, ritual, and theater. Dancers act as keepers of the gates and portrayers of the unseen. To experience LUNARIS is to remember and awaken into/out of the dream. It is the intention of LUNARIS is to create experience rather than just performance.

LUNARIS takes its birthright out of a time when the Oracle was revered. Priestesses came together under the moon to vision the future for each other, their communities and themselves. We celebrate the time of the Delphic Oracle and the Sybil of Cumae, reaching deep within these mysteries to share their teachings. We travel forth in and out of time; at once standing still, in another moving forward and backward simultaneously: from the ancient worlds of Greece and Rome to the furthest reaches of modernity, and in between the turn of the century Spiritualists; those who read palms and performed séances.  We believe that the role of the Oracle lives on and as dancers we have a specific and sacred duty of guarding the creation of these portals. We infuse our performances with hidden symbology activating the centers of the mind, body, and spirit. The keys to these symbols lie deep within the collective unconsciousness. We invite you on an experiential journey into these mysterious dream-like realms, where the edges of reality blur and all is possible.

Directed By Sarah Jezebel Wood


Choreography entitled: The Arrival. Directed and Choreographed by SJW. Boston principal dancers Rajuli, Sasha and Denise seen here.

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