I have had the pleasure of taking Sarah Jezebel’s classes since July 2011.  From the first class, it was clearly obvious that she loves to teach and her style of teaching promotes positive confidence in her students to do well.  She truly inspires her students to do their best.  Her classes are always fun and challenging.  She tickles the students with her charming sense of humor and playfulness that transcends through her teaching and beautifully choreographic styling of dance.  I look forward to continuing to grow my belly dancing skills with her leadership, expertise and excellent training.  Thank you Sarah for being in the beautiful Hudson Valley in this time and space… you are The Tribal Goddess in our valley!   Your Tribal sister… Dawn Zanfardino


If a Calla Lily could dance, its grace and poise would perhaps equal that of Sarah Jezebel, if, that is, the Lily had worked very hard at it for many years. Not only is Sarah a masterful dancer, but her warm, encouraging, and inspiring teaching, grounded in her studies of yoga, dance posture, and the inner mysteries, can make any student feel as though they, too, could someday dance with a flower’s grace. – Laura Dahlia Wyeth

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