September 29th What Lies Beneath The Rose??

The Artists of Sub Rosa share their experience of what it means to lay beneath the Rose. What is the importance of a Women’s point of view of the Hero’s journey? What is to be a performance artist representing these Kabbalistic pathworking rituals?

Line up of the night includes: Panel Discussion including Artists of Sub Rosa, Raffles, Wine and Cheese Social Hour, and Mini Vignettes from the show itself to be seen for the first time.

Sub Rosa branches Hermetic Occult Art and Women’s mysteries in a way that we have yet to see before. Sub Rosa (Under the Rose) is a darkly feminine tale of pathworking through the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. Drawing on mythic archetypes and modern sensibilities, Sub Rosa is a multimedia production; featuring the talents of LUNARIS and guest artists, it includes dance performance, active ritual elements, music, singing, and visuals.

Entry $10.00


987 Flushing Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11206


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